We deliver inspirational new bathrooms, shower rooms and wetrooms to suit all tastes and budgets. Oxbridge Plumbing and Building will provide you with a full, helpful and friendly service from initial design to final, polished installation. We can advise you on the most suitable and best quality sanitary ware brands and ensure optimum layout for your space and needs. Our service is highly flexible and can include all or any combination of the following services:

Work with you to design the best bathroom possible for your budget.

Remove your existing bathroom including floor and wall finishes and dispose of.

Procure and install all sanitary ware such as baths, showers, WC’s, basins, taps, shower trays, bathroom furniture etc. We also install wetrooms.

Procure and install floor and wall finishes such as tiles / grout and the like.

Do all necessary making good to existing plaster finishes including filling and painting.

Procure and install bathroom heating including towel radiators or underfloor heating.

Where appropriate, fill joints with carefully applied silicone sealant beads of an appropriate colour for a high quality and cleanable finish.

We will also ensure that the whole new bathroom and surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned prior to use.

In some cases our clients know exactly what they want and are just looking for an installation service. Although we recommend that you talk through your ideas with us prior to purchasing any materials, we are happy to install client supplied items as directed.